You know the question when you go to a bar and meet someone, or when you meet friends of friends. After the first small talk, it comes for sure: “And, what are you doing?”

Hochofen, Voest, TheTrekkr

Then you are put into a certain category: impressive, pitiful, appraising, adoring, jealous, etc. That’s what you are then. With a stamp on you.

Tauglbach, Bad Vigaun, TheTrekkr

The identity of a person should not be defined by the activity with what someone earns money to secure his or her existence. Ideology, character, wishes and hobbies should be put in first place.

Soccer Player, TheTrekkr

We live in a society which tells us that we can become whatever we want. But implicitly, this also means that we have to identify with our profession in order to be happy, successful and socially accepted. And, if not?

Then many people tend to be without self-esteem. Pity. Being successful does not mean having a prestigious job position or collecting certificates. Success is the ability to do the things that we love.

Industrial Worker, TheTrekkr

When others talk about us, our job might be mentioned briefly. But our job is just an activity, not a trait.

Journalist, interviewing Nicole Hosp, TheTrekkr

The way I behave and the way I’m treating other people defines me much more than a job could ever do.

Promotion Job, TheTrekkr

If you are still interested in my work from the past, here is a small overview.


Michael Djukic, M.A.

  • Birth place: Linz, Austria
  • Birth date: 04.05.1987
  • Home town: Salzburg, Austria
  • Citizenship: Austrian

Bachelor study – University of Salzburg (2007-2010):

  • Department of Communication Science
  • Focus: Public Relations, Languages

Master study – University of Salzburg, Fudan University Shanghai (2010-2013):

  • Department of Communication Science
  • Media and Communication Management

Club: LASK Linz

  • Season 2006/2007
  • 1 year contract, plus option for 2 more years
  • end of career after 2 games (chronical disease)

Voest Alpine AG, 2013:

  • shift work (morning-, afternoon-, night shift)
  • at a temperature of +40°C shoveling heavy iron chippings that fell from down the assembly line

Department of Communication Science, University of Salzburg (2015-2019):

  • Focus: Organizational Communication, Public Sociology, Identity and Reputation Management, Macro Theories
  • Research on identity constitution of large organizations in a mediated society
  • Lecturer: holding various courses, seminars at university
  • presentations at various international conferences, for example: IAMCR 2017 in Cartagena (Colombia).
  • Erasmus Coordinator for 7 university partnerships within the EU
  • Responsible for the curriculum for the Department of Organizational Communication

Video commercials worldwide:

  • Red Bull, Puma Running


  • Austria: Waldviertel Tourismus, Stadt Wels, Salzburg Altstadt, Salzburg AG, Voest Alpine AG etc.
  • China: Chinese fashion magazine for British fashion label DoRight Fashion Ltd.
  • Germany: Fitness center in Freilassing, etc.
  • Italy: 5-star hotel in Lignano

Fashion Shows:

  • Brands: Marc O’Polo, Tom Tailor, Skinny, Gössl, Hugo Boss, Diesel, Armani, Tommy Hilfiger etc.

Daily newspaper OÖ Nachrichten (2012):

  • 400,000 readers
  • Full-time employment
  • independent researching and writing articles for the daily print edition
  • sections: sports, people, travel
  • regular press conferences and interviews with politicians, business people and athletes
  • experience in technical layout
  • cumulation of knowledge in typical mistakes from PR managers

Salesman and Sales Coach (2006-2015)

  • Part-time employment
  • at different marketing agencies
  • direct marketing for various products (Sky TV, Sharp Europe Ltd., Nespresso, Coca Cola etc.)
  • Reactivation of former customers
  • Organization, placement and support of PoS
  • Sales coaching for new promoters

Freelancer for several daily Austrian newspapers (2016):

  • Tiroler Tageszeitung, Kleine Zeitung, Salzburger Nachrichten, OÖ News
  • Coverage in Serbia and Bosnia for the European Football Championship 2016

Trumer Brewery (2009):

  • internship: development of PR concepts for progressive communication methods
  • improvement of the communication flow
  • conducting market analyzes
  • writing press releases
  • supervisor of the social media appearance

Elementary school in a jungle village (Huai Hea, Thailand), 2011:

  • English and physical education